Just Breathe

Sometimes change is good



the good thing about me is that you can not talk to me for 3 weeks and then talk to me and I’ll be fine and still care about you the same way I did before

the bad thing is that I do that to people and they don’t understand that sometimes I just don’t feel like interacting with people.

story of my life

“So I drank one, it became four, and when I fell on the floor I drank more. Nothing has changed, I still love you, I still love you.”

– Morrissey (via hplyrikz)

“When he left me, it was like he cut me open. A huge wound right in the middle of my chest. Open, gaping. & each second that I spent waiting, hoping for him to come back, the wound just got bigger. It was like it was infected. Until one day it just couldn’t get any bigger, the pain just couldn’t get any worse. So I decided to put a band aid on it. Start working on recovering from it. And every day it hurt like hell. Every time I wrote him a message it was like the edges of the band aid were peeling off without me realising but I deleted the message & stuck them back down again at the last minute. I left that band aid on for a long time. Until it just couldn’t possibly stay on any longer, until I couldn’t possibly let him hurt me any longer. And on the day I decided to move on, I ripped that band aid off. It hurt, but only for a second. A second of that pain of knowing that that was it. I was letting go, he didn’t control me anymore, he didn’t own my heart anymore, that my wound had finally recovered enough to not need protection anymore. That my heart was cautious, but almost ready, to start again. Now it doesn’t hurt as much. The wound is a scar now & I only think of it when I see it. I only think of him when I’m reminded of him, he is no longer my every suffocating thought. And it only hurts when I press on the scar, when I think to hard about him and start letting the ifs and buts back in. But my wound isn’t open anymore, just like my heart isn’t open to him anymore. It’s sealed & protected until I find someone worthy of it & I’ll wait forever if I have to.”

– (via heymynameisandrea)